Teambuildning Drumming Workshops

Drumming for Team Building

Research shows that drumming promotes positive emotions and causes people to work harmoniously.  Drumming during a team building session stimulates the workers, makes them relax and improves their focus and clarity.

Drum Workshop Team Building

A workshop for companies events and parties where Diva teaches everyone how play the drums, feel the rhythm and most importantly to have fun!

Works for groups in any size from 5 to 40 people.

The main goal in this workshop is for the employees to learn how to communicate and work together through an intensive drum session, at the same time as the body and brain are working and improving their mental health and well-being.

Music and particularly drumming boost the immine system which protects the body from infection. Which means less sick days and more productivity.

In conclusion, drumming leaves the participants in an upbeat mood and this makes them have a positive view of their team members. This, in turn, makes them more optimistic about company goals and also improves their decision making. All this goes to show the benefits accrued from incorporating drumming into a team building session.


You can read more about health and music in the book "Kultur och Folkhälsa".

A book in which professor Eva Bojner-Horwitz from Karolinska Institute cites Diva's master thesis where she analyzes the results of the project "Vi slår på trummor inte på varann" ("We hit drums, not each other"). 

Picture from drum workshop with the company